TSE Connected offers several ways to increase you Brands discoverability for social media. Our largest platform is Facebook however we offer limited services on Instagram. TSE Connected has our own inhouse audio studio and video editing suites.


We produce commercials both video and or voice over formatted for HD Quality Social media usage. Our platform generates 1.000’s of views and allow your brand to be cross promoted in various diverse markets world wide.


  • 30 second Video Commercial $100.00 with Voice over $150.00
  • 1 Minute Video Commercial  $150.00 with Voice over $200.00
  • 2 Minute Video Commercial $200.00 with Voice over $250.00 



Silver Package includes a 30 sec Video commercial, Daily Posts and shares of digital banner, flyers  to minimum 5 groups, 5 Time Line Tags approved daily, Shout outs and a minimum 2 plays during Scheduled Live Broadcasts. $300.00



Gold Package includes  a 1 minute Video Commercial, 10 Groups shares Daily, 10 Time Line Tags approved daily, Interview on Scheduled Live Broadcast and minimum 2 plays per Live scheduled Broadcast with product placement ( T Shirt, Hat or any promo material submitted presented during Live Scheduled Broadcasts $400.00



Platinum Package includes Gold Package plus 2 minute video and your product or service will be added to the TSE Connected Website, all inquires of your product will be directed back to your contact info provided and you will be promoted as an official sponsor for any Stack Offs or type events segmented in the Live Scheduled Broadcasts. $550.00


TSE Connected Plus is our worldwide publication connecting the supports and fans of TSE with our ad promotions. We launched TSE Connected Plus and the response has been amazing. We currently ship worldwide and our issue launches are coordinated with events worldwide.


We give away 250 free copies at the Host Show of the issue launch and ship and additional 250 copies to other shows USA wide. Our pages are sold in full color . $100.00 full page, Spotlight Pages $150.00 ( Pic Page, Content Page) $350.00 for Front, $200.00 inside covers, $250.00 Centerfold, $275.00 Back Cover. After issue 4 we will be offering subscriptions. 


TSE LIVE Sponsorships bring you with us on our Worldwide travels. TSE Live covers shows Live internationally and with your support your brand will be right by our side. From digital banner slots on our live feeds to product placement in our booths and show arena we are scheduled to broadcast from.


Sponsorship packages include, 30 sec video commercial aired during live feeds, product placement and apparel endorsements, live shout outs and public announcements, Flyer distribution, Banner representation, acknowledgement in post video if TSE produces one and more opportunities should they present themselves. 


Prices upon request for promoted events scheduled and future events booked. There is a waiting list if you like to be added please forward us an email.