The Speilberg Experience was established in 2011 by FW Speilberg

After traveling to many shows he wanted to bring the experience he was giving his audiences in person to those who couldn’t attend so he introduced TSE LIVE.

Using FB Live he streamed his performances live from the show ring or in travel allowing the viewers to experience his life live and unscripted. In no time 1000k’s of viewers where subscribing to his live feeds and following his every move.

Many brands, services and products saw this as an opportunity to capitalize off of a fast growing audience, allowing them to have a high energy, positive brand introduction to an entirely new market and platform. TSE LIVE then joined with several different brands which made the experience even more exciting as bookings would now include free giveaways, product placement and branding at shows making the TSE a larger than life entity and a household name in the bully community.

TSE Live has regularly scheduled shows weekly that help the community and offers positive entertainment for the community. From Stack Off’s to educational Game Shows for prizes to skits and commercials TSE has made a huge impact in the culture of the Bully Lifestyle.

FW Speilberg is the most booked MC serving over 5 different registries with a worldwide following like no other. FW created the brand that is trusted and respected based on providing a quality service. We now introduce to you TSE Connected.

TSE Connected is the HUB for all those who are seeking that missing connect. Whether it be bully world related, music, professional services or business opportunities, TSE Connected can supply your need.

Enjoy the site!